Bloons tower defense 5

Bloons tower defense 5 is a magic game, and you need to use a group of monkeys to replace the real tower or soldiers. Then urge the monkey army you arranged to try to break the balloons in groups so that you can win the battle. Bloons tower defense 5 will bring you a stimulating, challenging, and strategic game experience.

How to play Bloons tower defense 5

Entering Bloons tower defense 5, you can make strategic arrangements to replace real soldiers with a group of monkeys to help you fight. You need to carry out subtle tactical design and arrange your troops on the front line to which you belong. And let your monkey army upgrade in the development, can attack balloons better, faster and more efficiently, thus winning the battle in the battle.

Other features of Bloons tower defense 5

You can purchase and select monkey troops and make preparations for other combat materials in the store, and under your intelligent settings, you can upgrade your combat troops. Moreover, in Bloons tower defense 5, you can experience exciting moments, continuously challenge yourself and continually improve and develop your strategy in the game battle, so that you can better cope with the next game.

Bloons tower defense 5 is a defense game. You must guard your city well so that it is inviolable and can be upgraded in the game to improve protection.  Also exciting is Mario bros. You need to help him through many difficulties and obstacles to save the princess finally.

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